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Burton Section VMCC and Classics

Motorbike Club

Saturday 15th July 2017

Hatton Carnival Scropton Rd. Sports Ground, Hatton
Display your bike Please try to arrive by 11.00am
       (Vic Carrington-Porter 01283 619489)

Saturday 15t July

Hatton Carnival

     Hatton Carnival Display your bike Please try to arrive by 11.00am
                     (Vic Carrington-Porter 01283 619489)

This Months Report 

Burton and District  June 2017
Vic Carrington-Porter                                                                                           01283 619489


On the April club night we had the N.A.B.D. rep Susan, who gave us an excellent talk on how they can help riders continue riding after becoming disabled. She brought along a lot of demonstration models to show how you can operate all the controls with one hand or even change gear by the push of a button incredible stuff. On the 29th of April we had our first run of the year the Aviation Wolds run. Six of us left Marston’s at 7:30am meeting up with two others on rout. We had a great ride to East Kirby, calling at Byards Leap for breakfast. There is a lot of interesting things at East Kirby, like going round the museum and watching the most realistic large models do their flying and then Just Jane the Lancaster bomber fire up those four Merlin engines. Fantastic.

Burton and District   May 2017
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                                            On the March club night Eddy Grew gave us a very entertaining evening. Showing several film clips of various forms of transport, from a steam powered motorcycle to a coracle with a good selection of motorcycles in-between. Eddy also included a couple of very interesting films of inventions which were designed to help people with disabilities such as Parkinson’s disease. A great show many thanks Eddy. On the 21st of March we had our cheese night .A great social evening when our families and friends get together to enjoy a drink and taste of the great selection of cheese that Mark put on for us. The ladies raised £102 pounds with the raffle on the night plus £20 donation from John Renwick .Which goes towards this year’s charity the Air Ambulance.

Burton and District   April 2017
Vic Carrington-Porter                                                                                           01283 619489

On February the 10th we had our annual dinner which was held at the Boars Head in Sudbury. The dinner was well attended with everybody having a good time, a very enjoyable evening. Many thanks to Ann for organizing great event. Unfortunately the talk on the February club night had to be postponed to a later date and so we finished up having a natter night which went very well.

Burton and District   March 2017
Vic Carrington-Porter                                                                                           01283 619489

Our first meeting of the year in January was Brains slide night. This is a very popular night and very well attended with about 58 turning up from all over to see the show. This is the night when Brian shows the pictures that he has taken over the year at our events. Some were interesting, some amusing and some a little embarrassing but all in good fun.  Great event. The raffle on the night made over £135, which goes toward this year’s chosen charity.

Burton and District   Jan 2017

Vic Carrington-Porter                                                                                           01283 619489

Happy New Year to all, it seems a strange writing this in November. November the 6th was our Autumn Mist run when Ian Marcer led fifteen bikes from Conkers, a very pleasant ride around the Derbyshire lanes and apart from a couple of miner breakdowns we arrived at Quorn station  about lunchtime .While we were enjoying some refreshments the heavens opened. As it looked like it had set in for the rest of the day we all decided to make our way home. November the 8th was our A.G.M which had 27 members attend and went very well. The three officers made annual reports on how the year had gone and as we have all done well past our three year stint, we put our jobs up for grabs, but there were no takers. So you will have to put up with us for another year.

  Burton and District Section   Dec 2016

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On October the 9th nine bikes led by Mick Leach left Marston’s at 11am .We had a nice steady ride out to the Yew Tree at Cauldon Lowe, were we joined up with the North Staffs on their Lemmings Autumn Leaves run. All together there must have been nearly fifty real nice classic bikes on the run, a great day. On the 11th   we had our Bring and Buy night which went really well. Pat Robotham managed to sell nearly every item that had been brought in, making about £40 for the section. On the 25th we had the Tramps Supper with 38 attending. John and Janet Stone took the prize for best tramp and trampes. On the night we collected £101 towards this year’s charity, this was from the raffle and the forfeits payed by those not coming dressed as a tramp. 

Burton and District Section    Nov 2016

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On the 11th of September we had an early start when Mick Leach led ten bikes on the Bucket and Spade run, a very pleasant ride to New Brighton. And while eating an ice-cream we watched a Lancaster Bomber do a fly past, obviously on its way to a show close by, Great. The September Club night went well with Justin Harvey –James giving a talk on the record keeping of B.S.A.and Triumph, Very interesting. Another early start on the 18th of September when 17 bikes set out on the Breakfast Run organized by Brian Slack, a great ride without any fog this time finishing up at Marston’s were 33 people enjoyed one of Marks great breakfasts. The raffle on the day raised £84 towards this year’s charity                                                                       

     Burton and District Section    Oct 2016

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Once again we must thank Pat and his wife Shelly for allowing us to use their country abode to have our annual B.B.Q. With good weather good company and good food. Well nobody complained about the cooking anyway, a great day out. On the 14th of August the Tax Dodgers run had a turnout of 14 bikes. Mick Leach led us on a pleasant ride to the Blue Bell Inn at Hockley Heath, meeting up with the Birmingham section of the B.S.A. Club were Phil Bull made us most welcome. I think there members were quite taken with such a good selection of old bikes and not all B.S.A’s. We had 40 turn up for the Last of the Summer Wine run. Mick Leach expertly led us through Derbyshire to the Mount Pleasant pub, were we enjoyed chip butties and a drink before heading home. 

  Burton and District Section   Sept 2016

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At 8:00am on the July 24th eight of us set of for Bridgnorth were after a good breakfast at Tony’s Dinner Quatford, we joined the North Birmingham Section for their Seven Valley run. Now here’s a section that hasn’t lost the plot, over 30 bikes turned up and not a modern bike amongst them, brilliant. We had a very pleasant run around the Seven Valley stopping at Ironbridge for ice-cream, then back to Tony’s dinner for a cup of tea and a bun before setting of for home. On July 26th we had the Pie and Peas run. 24 bikes left Marston’s 8 with pillions. Brian led us on a very pleasant 35 mile run round the Staffordshire and Derbyshire lanes, finishing back at Marston’s were 48 sat down to pies peas and chips. Well done Brain and many thanks. £110 raised on the night towards this year’s charity.                                

  Burton and District Section  July 2016

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The Burton Parade went very well duo to the excellent organization by Ann Davy. Also many thanks goes to Keith (Eddy) Waring for the excellent route and the Clifford Arms for the coffee stop. Back at Marston’s we had the prize giving and excellent buffet after which Brian Slack handed a cheque for £500 to St Giles, which we had collected over the year. On May11th nine members went on a conducted tour around R.R Heritage centre, stopping for lunch at midday .It was a very interesting and enjoyable day. We had a good turnout for the Intersection and Classic gathering, a dozen bikes left Marston’s led by Mick Leach, we had a very pleasant ride round the Derbyshire lanes finishing up at the John Thompson pub were we met up with other sections and classic bike riders. Over 90 bikes turned up over the evening, great night.                           
Burton and District    June 2016
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 On the 7th of April the baton was delivered to us at around midday from the North Birmingham Section. Unfortunately I was having dental treatment at this time and our chairman was suffering with the flu , Pat and Ann Davy very kindly volunteered to lead the five other members that had turned up to deliver the baton to the Nott’s and Derby section. Jim Lee came to our April club night and gave a very interesting talk on his time with Val Page and Edward Turner while he was working at Triumph .Jim also worked at the new Triumph factory in Hinckley and spoke about and showed slides of the more modern improved methods of manufacturing the new Triumphs. Fifteen bikes went on the Wolds run, a great day seeing Just Jane taxi down the runway. Getting back just in time to get a soaking as we came through Burton.